Fabien Mirabaud

The Panamerican Highway

...From October 1st, 2002 to March 1st, 2003

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  • From October 1st, 2002 to March 1st, 2003, three young French men will be riding our motorbikes throughout the three Americas, from New York to Tierra de Fuego.
      A Myth
    In 1952, an unknown student rode his motorbike from South to North, showing the way to future adventurers wishing to discover amazing cultures and landscape on motorbikes, a very flexible way of traveling that gives you the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures in Central and South America. His name was Che Guevara, he was 23 year old. Since then, very few people hit the road again. We will be the new ones.

        A Discovery

    Fascinated by the various American cultures, we wish to turn this adventure into a challenge. This is the reason why we found that riding a motorcycle was the best way to meet our expectancies: discover new places and natives. Our web site, updated on a regular basis, will be the open window to these new horizons.

            A Project

    Of course, the adventure will be dealt on a day-to-day approach. However we want to prepare ourselves and organize most details as much in advance as possible. We prepare the main itineraries and the back-up solutions, get familiar with the motorbikes by taking lessons with a mechanic, investigate about the riding conditions and the immigration and customs issues...